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9 years ago · by · Comments Off on Maternity Insurance Options 1 of 3

Maternity Insurance Options 1 of 3

Finding maternity insurance when you are already pregnant can be difficult. Insurance companies that cover maternity will often deny coverage to women who are pregnant when they apply.

Coverage may not be available to you in the private market. This is unfortunate because the best policies for health and maternity coverage are generally found from private insurers.

If you are able to find coverage through a group health insurance policy, you may be able to get private health insurance. This can dramatically lower the amount of money you will have to pay for the birth of your child.

If your employer will have an open enrollment period before your due date, you may be able to sign up and get coverage. For most women, the vast majority of the medical care needed for their pregnancy will be needed in the hospital when they give birth. This means that getting coverage before your due date will entitle you to having most of your bills covered.

If your domestic partner or spouse has an open enrollment at their job before your due date, you may be able to be added to his or her policy. This can also save you a lot of money.

If you cannot wait until the next open enrollment period, there is one more strategy that may be available to you. If you marry someone who has group insurance, you will probably trigger a special open enrollment period. You may be able to get coverage right after your marriage even if the regular open enrollment period is months away.

  • Be sure to make sure that any policy you apply for includes maternity coverage.
  • Be aware of any waiting period before you are fully covered.
  • Make sure you fully understand any policy you apply for.
  • Do not drop any existing coverage before you have an official approval notice from the new company.

Always make sure that any advice you get regarding health insurance is applicable to your city and state. Many health insurance regulations are state-specific.

If you are already pregnant and the strategies above will not help you, consider calling your local planned parenthood office. They may be able to tell you about programs available from your local government. There may be other resources that are specific to your area that they can tell you about.

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9 years ago · by · Comments Off on Vision Insurance? Should You Buy It?

Vision Insurance? Should You Buy It?

Vision insurance coverage is a nice feature of many medical insurance policies. Maintaining your eye health is important and having an insurance company help you pay for your eye exam can help you to maintain good vision.

Some vision insurance plans will cover more than the exam. You may find that prescription eye glasses or contact lenses are partially covered as well.

Many people mistakenly believe that if they do not purchase a health insurance policy that includes vision insurance, they will not be covered if they injure an eye. You will find that a standard health insurance policy will cover injuries to the eye.

The same is true of eye diseases such as glaucoma. You can expect to have medical expenses associated with most diseases of the eye covered by your medical insurance policy.

There are several reasons why the presence or absence of a vision plan should not be a major factor in the selection or rejection of a health insurance policy.

  • Medical insurance – not vision insurance – will typically cover injuries to the eye
  • Medical insurance – not vision insurance – will typically cover diseases of the eye
  • You can find cheap discount eyeglasses online
  • Eye exams are relatively inexpensive

It is better to have a policy that includes vision insurance than to have one that doesn’t. Vision insurance can help you maintain eye health. However, overvaluing the coverage can be a mistake. Be sure that you don’t pay more for vision insurance than you would pay if you purchased your eye exam and prescription eyeglasses with your own money.

Vision insurance is a benefit that is nice to have, but one that people sometimes overpay for.

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9 years ago · by · Comments Off on Errors & Omissions Insurance – What is it?

Errors & Omissions Insurance – What is it?

Errors and omissions insurance protects professionals from the mistakes that they can make while serving their clients. An architect who designs a house that doesn’t meet the standards for the location might benefit from having an E & O policy.

Errors and omissions insurance is a type of professional liability insurance. These types of policies protect professionals from legal liability that is caused by their errors, omissions and negligence.

E&O does not offer protection for criminal acts or for acts that are dishonest. Professional liability provides coverage for the “honest” mistakes that professionals make.

Do You need Errors and Omissions Insurance?

If you are in a profession where others are being sued for mistakes they have made or are alleged to have made, you may need an errors and omissions policy or some other type of professional liability policy. Not having such a policy could mean the end of your career. It could also mean that all your assets are lost in a law suit.

What Else Is Covered By An Errors And Omissions Policy

You will probably find that your insurance company will hire a lawyer represent you in court. This benefit will be in addition to any money they pay to the party that sues you.

What if an E&O Claim is Filed Years After the Error is Made?

These policies are written on what is known as a “claims made” basis. This means that if you the professional are sued in 2013 for an act that occurred in 2009, the policy that is in force in 2013 will cover the claims.

This gives better protection in those cases where an error is not discovered right away. This is good for both the professional being sued and the person who makes the claim.

How much does E&O Cost?

It depends on the profession, but usually the premiums are very affordable. Insurance agents can expect to pay less for the errors and omissions coverage than they do for their cable bill.

You can get quotes for errors and omissions insurance coverage and for other business insurance policies on this site.

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